Friday, January 14, 2011

Numbers by group 3

Summary For Numbers

Numbers can be divided into 3 sub-groups, ratio, percentage, and fractions.


What: a fraction is a number over another number which represents the whole eg. 3/4 where 4 is the whole

When: We use it for mixing ingredients(eg. 1/2 a tablespoon of vinegar) and when creating a budget(eg. I will save 1/2 of my allowance)

Who: accountants

Why: To help us estimate portions

How: We use it to find out how many equal parts to divide the whole into


What: It is a comparison between two or more amounts in units

When: In recipes for mixing things(eg. 1 part water 2 parts juice concentrate)

Why: to compare two numbers side by side and to be able to increase them porportionally

Who: chefs

How: multiply a number by both sides to get bigger numbers according to what is needed


What: a number over hundred (35%=35/100)

When: In sales or in taxes to represent the amount that is changed.

Who: salesperson

How: Multiply a number by the percentage

Bottom line: Ratio, fractions and percentage are very similar in the fact that they are used to compare numbers.

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