Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Challenge - Data Consolidation by Jerome Heng (12)

Neighborhood: Woodlands
Name Of Road: Woodlands Ring Road
Bus Stop Number: 46871
Bus Stop Name: Blk 644
Time Started: 11AM
Time Ended: 12.30PM

The profile of a typical bus commuter is a resident, most likely a homemaker, such as a maid or housewife.

Challenges I faced:
I think that a challenge that I faced was when the bus went past the bus stop without stopping. This made it difficult for me to try to capture data about the profile of bus commuters and other data from it.

I think a way to improve this data collection would be to find out the expected time when the buses arrive before heading out for the data collection. This way, I can expect when the buses will come, and be prepared by taking out my notebook. I can capture more accurate data this way too.


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