Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Challenge - Data Consolidation by Genevieve(2)

Information required:
Neighborhood: Clementi
Name of Road/Street: Clementi Ave 6
Bus Stop number: 17371
Bus Stop Name: Clementi Ave 6- Blk 201
Time Started: 11.25am
Time Ended: 12.30pm

Based on your observation, what is the profile of the commuters during on a typical Friday, between 11.00 am to 12.30 pm?
Answer: Based on my observations, mostly working adults board the bus. It is hard to tell as very little people board the bus. 

What are the challenges you faced during the data collection period?
Answer: The bus takes a while to reach the bus stop and it was very sunny so it was hard to see as the light was kind of blinding me. There are only 2 services at the bus stop and if there was more, it might be easier to compare the profile of the boarding commuters.

If you were given a 2nd chance to capture data again, suggest at least ONE way to improve the process.
Answer: I would choose a place where it is not too crowded nor too deserted so it is easier to capture the data and compare the findings. If it is too deserted, there will not be much data too capture. If it is too crowded, I might miss some important data.

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