Thursday, April 14, 2011

Statistics Reflections 1

What are 3 interesting things you have learnt about Statistics?


  1. The process of collecting statistical information.
    What statistics is for, which is to solve problems.
    How to point out the misleading information in some statistical charts, as some charts are made to mislead people from the proper information.

  2. I have learnt a that-
    1) Tables and charts are not the same thing
    2) New forms charts (Stem and Leaf and Histogram)
    3) Draw charts correctly

  3. 1) Some people construct graphs to purposely mislead others
    2) There are many types of graphs which can be used in its own way
    3) Real people collect data and are paid for it

  4. I have learnt
    - how to group things better using stats
    - might mislead us through these stats
    - different way of representing stats

  5. 1. Real-life Application of Statistics
    2. Misleading Statistics
    3. Finding out whether the statistics are ethical or not

  6. ~1~
    New forms of graphs and charts
    How to understand stem and leaf diagrams
    How to apply Statistics

  7. The 3 interesting things that I have learnt about statistics are :

    1. How to collect data properly and organise it properly.
    2. The various ways to represent data (eg. graphs, pie charts, etc).
    3. How to identify misleading information in advertisements or statistical data.

  8. I have learnt that Statistics are useful for organizing data and collating it.I have also learnt that Statistics are actually a lot of different ways of using collated data

  9. I have learnt that:
    1) Information provided in the charts may be used to mislead others.
    2) Different forms of charts means different type of comparison.
    3) Tell the differences between a misleading graph and a non-bias graph.

  10. - I have learnt a lot of other graphs that I have not seen to classify the information needed to produce the statistics.
    - I also have learnt that collecting data is not as easy as it seems.
    - I have experienced that categorizing the data into a single chart can be tedious sometimes.

  11. 1. At first I thought that the histograms and bar charts were the same things except that one had spacings and the other did not have the spacings.

    2. The stem and leaf diagram was very fascinating after I knew how it worked.

    3. The statistics could be used to mislead others.

  12. 1) How to make big and small groups of information into charts or graphs.
    2) There are really surveyors that go around surveying people.
    3)I have learnt many types of graphs.

  13. 1)Some graphs are purposely misleading.
    2)Different type of graphs
    3)How can graph solve problems and taking the data for plotting of graph can be tiring.

  14. 1 have learn that....
    1) Statistic can be applied anywhere as long as there is data to plot.
    2) Graph and charts has its own unique characteristic but has a similar motive to organized the data.
    3) A person without knowledge of statistic will plot a misleading chart.

  15. 1) Statistics an be misleading.
    2) DIfferent graphs are used for different purposes.
    3) Each graph has its own purpose.

  16. What I have learnt:
    1) Histograms are not bar graphs
    2) How to draw a frequency table, dot diagram and a stem & leaf diagram
    3) Statistical charts help to represent data more, presentably, efficiently and effectively.

  17. I learnt that-
    1.)Graphs and charts are a useful way to show current conditions of something.
    2.)There are companies who actually collect data for others to buy and use.
    3.)There are more graphs and charts other than pie charts and bar graphs such as stem and leaf diagram.

  18. 1) It can be used to mislead others
    2) Many different type of charts or graphs can be used to represent information.
    3) Some statistics are ethical while some are not.

  19. 1. Statistics have to be represented clearly with enough and proper information, so as not they will not be misinterpreted.
    2. There are many ways to represent data collected.
    3. Sometimes people would scam and might mislead us with statistics.

  20. 1. I have learnt that histograms are charts where the bars are stuck together and they can represent grouped data. It shows the frequency of each data column

    2. I learnt that Statistics companies do the work of collecting statistics for government agencies.

    3. I learned that there is such a thing as a double stem-leaf diagram.