Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Viva Voce Peer Assessment

Dear S1-04,
We will be assessing the videos in class tomorrow. Pls upload all the videos onto the blog before the lesson.

1. Here are the rubrics.

Communication of Ideas
Communicates all ideas clearly and fluently.
Communicates some ideas clearly.
Communicates few ideas clearly.
Unable to communicates ideas.
Use of Mathematical Language
Uses Mathematical terms accurately and appropriately.

Uses most Mathematical terms accurately.
Little use of accurate Mathematical terms.
Incorrect use of Mathematical terms.
Conceptual Understanding
Explains fully the mathematical concepts involved.

Adequately explains the Mathematical concepts(s) involved.
Partially explains the Mathematical concept(s) involved.
Unable to explain the Mathematical concept(s) involved.
Use of Strategies
Insightful use of strategies to solve the problem.

Use of appropriate strategies to solve the problem.
Use of inappropriate strategies to solve the problem.
Did not solve the problem.

2. You can assess the presentation by the other groups using this form below.

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