Saturday, September 10, 2011

Math Performance Task (Viva Voce)

Part A

Part B

From this Performance Task, I have learnt to express myself through by using only a visual video to present my ideas and workings. As the video only made use of words and mathematical symbols to present my workings, methods and steps, I had to make sure my audience understood my video so I tried to use the correct mathematical symbols and words to explain my steps.

Some difficulties I faced was that I had to using the symbols and type simultaneously. This was hard as I had to type and when I needed to use a symbol, I had to go and click on the symbol but I overcomed this problem by using imovie to help me speed up or cut away those parts where there were problems or errors in the video.

I also had to use only the words on the screen to explain to my audience as I did not want to use any audio recording or voice. I felt that even though it was a problem, it worked to my advantage as after preparing what I had to type out, I felt that I managed to use the correct words to explain and tell my audience what I was trying to say. It was also a fast and straightforward way to communicate my methods and workings to my audience.

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