Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maths Performance Task, Viva Voce. Justin Lim S104

Part B: 
As I was doing the Viva Voce, I have realized how difficult it is to produce a clip that educates viewers on how to answer a question. We have to understand the mathematical concepts well, and we have to think of how to incorporate visuals to go with these concepts. Moreover, we also have to put our thoughts down into words and visuals. We have to think carefully about we say, as one word might cause the question to be completely changed. Examples are ‘1-2’ and ‘2’1’. They’re completely different yet they seem so similar. Thus I had to be extremely cautious when I did the Viva Voce, in case I did mistakes like these. 
Choosing an appropriate mode of presentation as well. I avoided the use of paper and writing as though we are writing the steps down, it still might seem unclear to the audience. I chose making a ‘keynote animation’ as I am able to write the steps down and have more space for ‘diagrams’ in order to display what is happening in the question. This mode of presentation is also more interesting to watch than a person blandly writing down on a piece of paper. 
I had difficulties trying to coordinate the animation along with the voice over. It is crucial that I am able to sync it, for if I don’t, the voice over might be going too fast or the animations may be giving away the answers already. 
Overall this the creation of the Viva Voce has been a tedious experience, but an extremely rewarding one. I have improved my carefulness and have grasped the mathematical concepts needed in this question. I have learnt that Math is not only about the numbers, but also about the key concepts and explanations behind it. 

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