Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maths Performance Task, Viva Voce. Lim Jing Yi S104

Part B:
As I was doing my Viva Voce, I realised how easy it is for us to solve a question with the correct mathematical formulas, but difficult to explain why we did so, and I think it is because we have gained all this mathematical knowledge throughout the years, so it seems logical for us to solve a question in a  way that we have known throughout our years.
I chose to use a keynote animation to present my viva voce as it is simple for the viewers to understand, and it is easier to speak, so as to synchronize it with the slides.
As there is a lot of extra things that I mentioned in the recording, I had to write it all down on a piece of paper, so I could remember what to say.
One difficulty I faced was to speak smoothly and without mistake, so the video could be perfect, as I had a bit of cough and phlegm while recording.

Overall this experience doing an individual Viva Voce has been enjoyable and fulfilling, knowing I have the skills and experience to be careful while understanding mathematical concepts that seem very simple,  yet hard to explain.

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