Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maths Performance Task, Viva Voce, Godfrey Gan S104

Part A: 
Part B:
While doing this performance task, I thought the questions given were rather manageable. I think it was set like that because it would be a first try for most of us, so it would be easier for us to do it. For me, it was actually done in one take. I was surprised I could do it that quick, I did not really write down any points, I just copied down the question and I just started explaining how the question went about.

And my dad was the one who helped me with the video taking, I would like to credit him for that. Last but not least, I thank the Maths Department of SST who gave me the chance to work on a project like this, it was kind of cool. I liked it a lot, and anticipating more of such performance tasks to be arranged like this. A great way to learn Maths!

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