Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Math Performance Task (Viva Voce)

Part B

From this Performance Task, I have learnt to express myself through by using both visual and audio methods to present my ideas and workings. As the video made use of words and mathematical symbols to present my workings, methods and steps, I had to make sure my audience understood my video so I had to use the correct mathematical symbols and words to explain my steps. I also had to use the voice to add on to the explanation to let my audience hear it in case they were not looking at the video.

Some difficulties I faced was that I had to using the symbols and type simultaneously. This was hard as I had to type and when I needed to use a symbol, I had to go and click on the symbol but I overcame this problem by using imovie to help me speed up or cut away those parts where there were problems or errors in the video.

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